Flower Care

Flower Care

Fresh Cut Flowers

For fresh cut flowers either boxed or wrapped start with a clean vase and fill with lukewarm water. Use professional grade flower food and follow instructions on the packet.

Use a clean, sharp knife or pruners and cut at least an inch off stems or to desired length.

Remove all foliage that would lie below waterline. Wet foliage can rot and cause bacterial growth that would shorten vase life.

Vase Arrangements

For vase arrangements…check water level daily, if the water appears cloudy, change water, rinse stems and recut before putting them back into fresh water with preservative. Never let the vase run dry.

For arrangements designed in floral foam…be sure to keep the foam moist. Check by touching the foam with your finger, if the water level feels low then add more water. Never let the foam go dry.


General Care

Always keep flowers out of direct sunlight, excessive heat or cold. Your flowers will be happiest in a cool room (65 – 72F) away from any heat sources such as TV’s, heat vents or sunny windows. These would otherwise dry them out and shorten vase life.

If you receive flowers and can’t get them into water immediately, just store them in a cool place until you can and then follow the same instructions for treating fresh cut flowers.